Comix and Di´Angelo: The series
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25 January,2013

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Comix & Di´Angelo: The series is an brand new series created by Rigbybestie1510 and Arturo3x!. The series is an mash-up of the series "Comix!" (By Arturo3x!) and "Di´Angelo" (created by Rigbybestie 1510). So far no episodes have been created.


In the "Di´Angelo" world , Di´Angelo is in a store with Domino, then Di´Angelo sees an mystery box, that´s very expensive, so Domino tells him that he will not buy that box, meanwhile in the "Comix" world, Bryan is in a store and sees the same box, but more expensive, then he steals the box and a lot of officers chase him. He trows the box, this breaking it, the box reveals that it had an device that can mix both, Di´Angelo´s world and Comix´s world, the device breaks too, mixing the both worlds.


  • Episode 1 (Part 1) Made By: Arturo3x!

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