In Space! is a series of comics created by Arturo3x! It follows the main characters from the original Comix series and their adventures in space. It premiered on November 20, 2012.


The series starts when the gang (Arturo, Bryan, Percy and Victor) travel to an old cosmodrome. They find a rocket ship that actually works. Percy thinks that the rocket ship is discontinued, but then he presses a lot of buttons randomly (including the launching sequence button) and the rocket ship stops in the middle of space, leaving the gang there. Arturo then loses it and grabs the emergency fire axe, demanding to know who activated the launch. When Bryan and Victor blatantly point to Percy, Arturo traps him in a container stating "FREE ALIEN FOOD." While Percy ponders how to get out of the small area, he sees a rocket ship that has the USSR emblem on it. He also notices a glass floor below, with the others in the rocket below. He breaks the glass floor and lands on Arturo, just as the door opens to reveal a silhouetted figure, who steps inside. This figure turns out to be Deimos holding a USSR flag and drinking a bottle of Leninade. He meets the rest of the gang, and Bryan asks where Percy went. Arturo states that he "took care of him." Percy is then shown bound and gagged to the back of the rocket.


Season 1Edit

Season # Overall # Title


The Beginning


  • The series was supposed to start on September 17, as seen in a promotional poster, however was cancelled along with the original Comix series. Both series returned however, and In Space! started on November 20, 2012.
  • This is the first story arc in Comix history.


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