Lights Off
Comix ep.45
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March 29, 2013


Frosty the Snowman


Electric Chair

Lights Off is the forty-fifth comic in the Comix! series, and the fifth in Season 5.


The comic starts with Arturo looking at a bill, surprised by how much he has to pay to maintain the whole Comix series. Bryan reminds him that they needed to pay, and Arturo notices that the bill expires on the current day. As a result of not paying the bill, all the color is taken away and everything is black and white. Bryan says at least they didn't take away the electricity, but just at that moment the lights go out, and only the characters' eyes are shown. When the lights go out, Bryan notices that there is another pair of eyes behind Arturo. The lights go back on, and there is revealed to be a monster behind Arturo. Bryan sees the monster and is speechless. The lights go out again, and Bryan and Arturo run away from the monster as it chases them. The comic ends with Bryan saying that at least the color is back.