Here is the list of the promotions and their requirements. If you want to get promoted, contact Sboy13. You will need to meet these requirements in order to be promoted:

Chat Moderator rights

  • You must have 50 mainspace edits.
  • Must be able to be on chat everyday. (exception may be made)
  • Have experience with chat.
  • No ban history on this wiki. (exceptions may be made)

Rollback rights

  • No ban history on this wiki. (exceptions may be made)
  • Must have 75 mainspace edits.
  • Must be committed to stop vandalism.

Admin (Sysop) rights

  • Must have 100 mainspace edits.
  • Needs to know how to block, treat users right, not abusing of powers, etc.
  • Must be able to be on this wiki everyday. (exceptions may be made)
  • Must know about most things: Adding photos, Templates, Headings, etc.

If you want any of these rights, don't beg for them, WIN THEM!!! (Note: You can earn these rights if you are experienced or you are a Rollback, Admin, or Chat Moderator on another wiki.)