The Exam
Comix ep.5
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The Exam is the fifth comic in the Comix series, and also of Season 1.


In this comic, Arturo is worried because he didn't study for an exam. He is worried at first, but then he sees the first 5 questions of the exam. The "Challenge Accepted" meme face is shown in the last vignette.



  • This is the first comic to show an internet meme (The "Challenge Accepted" rage face).
  • This is the first comic to contain "exaggerated comedy" showing when Arturo sees the exam and it says 1/900 pages.
  • This is the second comic to contain a "Holy" line , this time being "Holy Fire-Truck".
  • This is the first comic to feature a Mexican tongue-twister. In this comic, it is the fifth question in the exam: "Can you say parangaricutirimicuero?".
  • This is the first episode to take place in a school.

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