• I live in Mexico
  • My occupation is Animator(I do flash animations) and I also do comics...
  • I am Male,14
  • Arturo2x

    I got an idea!

    July 26, 2012 by Arturo2x

    Hey! As you all know I am working in the series "In Space" , well , when I finish or I rest from doing it , I maybe will do another one , its about ow everyone first met , yeah their adventures when they were kids! This is just an idea , as everyone likes more "In Space" that would be just an project for an while!

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  • Arturo2x

    Ok , so I've seen that I almost reach to the ending of Season 2 , so I maked up the season 3 promotional poster!!!!

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  • Arturo2x

    Ok team!!!

    May 20, 2012 by Arturo2x

    We are done with season 1 episodes in less than 1 hour!!!! WE ROCK!!!!! now lets work in charecter pages...

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